Many of you have asked me what life is like here in India. I can’t speak for everyone, but here is what my life is like from day to day:

3:30am: Wake up, have ginger tea, slather myself with coconut oil, meditate, shower, and get ready for Yoga practice.

4:30am: Walk down the street to the Yoga Shala to begin my practice. I love this time of day, it is so quiet and peaceful. My practice lasts about 1.5-2 hours. When I finish I drink a couple of coconuts from the vendor outside, walk home and take rest aka savasana.

8:30am: After doing laundry in a bucket and hanging it outside I venture out of the house. Either to the internet spot or to breakfast (home cooked at Tina’s, of course), depending on the hunger level.

10:30am-2pm: This varies from day to day. Either I go to the pool and bring along my self-study books, do errands, do a class on cooking or philosophy if one is offered, or get a massage (I haven’t found a massage this amazing anywhere outside of India. It is so deep and the oils are so healing).

2:30pm: Hungry again! I head to lunch, either at Tina’s, Geetha’s or Anu’s. The local women are amazing cooks and use filtered water and healthy, fresh ingredients. This the key to avoiding illness. Know where your food comes from!

4:30pm: I venture downtown to chant with Dr. Jayashree, a sanskrit professor. Everyone loves her and she is fantastic.

6:-7:30pm. I catch up on emails, chat with Ben, read, write in my journal, shower, and wind down.

7:3opm: I am exhausted and go to bed. I need my 8 hours before I am up at 3:30am again!