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From The Mat To The Modern World:
Ancient Wisdom To Help You Achieve
Anything You Want In Life.

A 4-week online yoga philosophy course with Sara Intonato

It’s ok to admit that life just isn’t working right now.

Yes, I said it.

Behind that caffeinated smile, that overloaded, ultra coordinated schedule and the “I got it handled” persona, can we talk about the bone-drenching stress that you feel?

One more request and it feels as if everything could shut down.

I get it.

We have all been sold a lie about how to live.

We have been browbeaten into believing that busyness and burnout are badges of honor, that overwhelm equals success.

After all, doesn’t everyone feel like this? Aren’t productivity and multitasking the holy grail of battling the increasing barrage of noise?

It’s ok to step away from the crowd and re-define
your sanity, your health, and your life.

I know you are brilliant.

In fact, you are just like me – a high achieving, committed, motivated, ambitious human being. I also know that you believe another way of living is possible.

I want you to know this – it’s not only possible, it’s available for you easily.
And no, you don’t need to clone yourself to make this happen.

Maybe you have been exercising, eating well (between caffeine hits), and even tinkering with mindfulness.

Here’s where it gets tricky; without accountability and proven tools that bring about lasting change, and easy access for the busiest of schedules, implementing what you need soon hits a dead end.

(Just take a look at the abandoned books and goals lists around you for some proof).

Here’s the thing. Maybe you have tried yoga already. Maybe you are a devoted practitioner, even. You go to class and feel great. Then, life happens and you come crashing down again.

You know what I’m talking about.

You leave your mat feeling like you can conquer the world. Until…

  • your car gets rear ended.
  • your flight is canceled.
  • your best employee quits.
  • someone close to you suddenly falls ill.

And boom! You feel like you’ve lost all you have learned.

So I’m going to say what nobody else is saying.

If you feel like getting on your mat is not enough, it’s because it’s NOT.

Yes, you read that right.

You need something beyond the mat to help you carry that sense of calm and centeredness into your life every day.

Yoga philosophy is your secret weapon.

Far from being another fad to throw on the pile, this is a practice that goes back 2,000 years, although I bring it to you with a New York twist and a side order of life experience.

So what do I know about all this, anyway?

I suffered from paralyzing anxiety attacks.
I constantly compared myself to others….and felt inferior.
No matter how strong, pretty, intelligent, or successful I was, it was never enough.
I thought to be busy would make me feel accomplished, but it didn’t.
The anxiety worsened and my confidence tanked.

But here is what I did:
Deep down, I knew there was a better way.
So, I increased the frequency of my yoga practice.
I humbly began meditation.
I took my first pilgrimage to India, immersed myself in yoga philosophy, and everything changed.
Once I chose yoga as a LIFESTYLE, all the answers I had been seeking found me.

So I hear you. I know, I really KNOW how you feel right now.

Why take this step for yourself now?

Because things have changed.
We are bombarded with more stimuli than any generation in history, and our insomnia, disease and unused vacation days prove it.

As if that’s not enough, the state of our world our world is overwhelming. People are angry and paralyzed by fear.

As John Naisbitt said, “We are drowning in information but we are starved for knowledge.”

Imagine what is possible for you if you receive the knowledge you really need right now?

Why you?
Because you’re tired of reason XYZ (political climate, finances, family issues, etc) standing in your way.

You no longer believe that busyness and burnout are badges of honor.

You are DONE waiting to live the life you want.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step NOW.

Why yoga philosophy?
Far from being another fad to throw on the pile, this is a practice that goes back 2,000+ years. It’s still here because it works.

Why me?

After 14 years of teaching yoga, 8 extended trips to India for higher learning, and applying these ancient teachings to life every day, I am living proof that they work during good times and bad.

Like you, my life is busy and imperfect. Yoga practice and philosophy allow me to navigate running my own business, being hands-on wife and mother of two, advocating for my special needs child, and handling the twists and turns of life while still keeping it together.

Make no mistake, without yoga practice and philosophy, I’d drown.

I’ve walked in your shoes and I know how you feel. I give you permission to stop settling and find the better way you’ve been seeking.

Purpose, connection, and peace CAN be at the heart of what you do. Every. Damned. Day.

Imagine having a REAL conversation with your partner instead of rattling off to-do lists over hurriedly eaten meals.

Imagine having so much fun that you forget about your phone all day.

Sleeping soundly at night and waking up refreshed and full of gratitude isn’t just a trite post on Instagram – it’s a reality, and it can be yours, too.

Yoga is not an escape from life. When used appropriately, yoga is a tool which allows us to engage in life more fully and access our deepest potential.

I’m here to help you. Here’s how:

4 Week Online Yoga for life philosophy course

  • Practicing poses on the mat is just one facet of the ancient science of yoga’s rich framework. Yoga is not an escape from life. When used appropriately, yoga is a tool which allows us to engage in life more fully and access our deepest potential. To do this, we must tap into ALL yogic tools. Poses are just one.
  • 4 webinars (one 60 minute session per week)


Week One: Yoga, The Ultimate Decluttering Technique (AKA sanity at last!)

  • The Yoga Sutra teach us the difference between clarity and confusion. Access these ancient principles using techniques on and off the mat to connect to your highest goals and purpose.

Week Two: The Dark Side: Suffering, Obstacles, Fear, and Overcoming Them

  • The nitty gritty! How to stay on track when the going gets tough.
    Discover which yogic tools are most potent in specific situations and how to use them effectively.

Week Three: Action for the Law of Attraction.

  • This week will deepen your knowledge of yoga as an ancient science and link it as an integral part of using the law of attraction successfully.

Week Four: Your anti-sabotage toolkit

  • Why do we sabotage ourselves on the path to success and how we can stop?
  • The yoga sutras hold the tools for us to navigate these challenges without being derailed.
  • Walk away with tangible techniques for creating a live we love.
  • Our very own private Facebook group for accountability and mindset support.
  • Weekly assignments
  • Book recommendations to support your journey.


I want your life to resonate with joy, from the inside out.
It starts right now.

Your Guide To Consistent,
Clear Meditation

This 3 month program is the high achiever’s guide to a deeper
and more consistent meditation practice.

For years I’ve spoken intently to my clients about the power of a consistent meditation practice. Since you’ve likely already meditated occasionally (ahem, inconsistently), you know better than anyone how powerful this time for yourself can be. Especially because you’re a high performer with a busy life. The key to success is consistency.

Often, I have clients who are committed to their meditation practice when it’s easy to fit in, but struggle to stay consistent when they need it most, aka, when life isn’t going so smoothly. That’s why I put together this program.

During our 3 months together we’ll focus on building the habits of daily practice into your life and routine with the same amount of thought it takes to remember to shower or brush your teeth. Meditation will become an essential and non-negotiable part of your day. Not because every day you’ll spend 30 minutes in the perfect position, but because every day you’ll find the time you need to check in with yourself and be present to what’s inside.

This program was created to give you more joy, more productivity, and help you be more present for your family, and yourself.

What you’ll receive over the next 3 months

6 guided meditations

Every two weeks you’ll receive a new guided meditation for you to use in your practices.

These are created just for our group and will arrive in your inbox along with some tips for implementation and success.

Weekly email check-ins

Consistency is the most powerful part of this work, and I’ll be right by your side throughout.

Each week you’ll receive an email from me with a few questions to check on how things are going. This will take just a few minutes to answer and I’ll read each and every response, sending feedback to each person.

Working With Sara
Sara is able to exemplify all that she teaches and stands for and because of that (and many more things) she captures my attention, focus and love. The wisdom, knowledge and clarity that she brings is refreshing and inspiring.

Sara explains the sutras and their applicability to our practice and our life. She brings them to life, and in doing so, helps you realize them in your life and practice.

Meeting Sara Intonato has been life altering in the best of ways. I have found a new path later in life that I am truly enjoying and diving into. The movement of yoga has made me feel great outside, but Sara’s insights and guidance have made me feel great inside as well. Her guided practice and meditation is priceless!

Make this commitment to yourself and allow meditation to become as habitual as brushing your teeth. A non-negotiable part of your routine.

To make this as simple as possible, there are two ways to join me:

A single investment of $100 or 3 payments of $34. 

Either way, you’ll receive meditations every two weeks as well as weekly accountability and support.

Join me today


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