Business and Leadership Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

I know what it’s like to work hard as a yoga teacher and struggle to earn a living. I’ve done it.

I know how uncomfortable it feels to step up as a powerful yoga teacher and leader for your community in an industry that’s fraught with toxic behavior. I’ve done it. 

I certainly know how uncomfortable it feels as a yoga teacher when you have to uphold boundaries around your pricing, value, and time. I do it every day. 

I know how it feels when you realize there is so much more for you to achieve in your yoga teaching business, that you can actually thrive instead of just hanging out on survival mode indefinitely, but you don’t know how to get there yourself. 

I’m simply evidence that it’s possible, and I’m here to help you achieve what you desire. 

I’m not here to sell you a cookie cutter strategy because they don’t work (don’t believe the bro marketers all over the internet). I’m here to help mold you a stronger, more powerful version of you because THAT is the special sauce that converts to more money, more time off, and more joy. 

Every yoga teacher I mentor is unique, and our work together, in a customized one on one setting, brings these gifts to life to create real, sustainable, profitable results. 

Want to know if I’m the right mentor for you? Click here to fill out an application and book a call with me. Business and leadership mentoring for yoga teachers requires you to show up powerfully. I’m committed to doing the same for you. 

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