Corporate Wellness Program

Let’s go back to basics and look at the dream…

Every company, no matter its size, wants an engaged, productive workforce.

They want low staff turnover, a positive working environment and an increase in profits, year on year.

Why is it so difficult to tick all of those boxes?

Unfortunately, the way US corporations are structured and run can get in the way of creating these empowering workspaces that inspire your people to do their best work. 


In 2017, 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the US alone.


57% of those who felt stressed at work also reported feeling less productive and more disengaged.

And then those disengaged employees noted a 37% higher rate of absenteeism, 49% more accidents and 60% more errors in the workplace.

These stats have very real implications – not just in the job satisfaction and emotional wellbeing of your staff, but also in your bottom line. But worry not, there’s a simple switch-up you could make in your office to help deal with each of these issues…

To help reduce stress levels…

To increase focus and obliterate overwhelm…

To amp up productivity…

To get rid of employee disconnect once and for all…

And the solution is YOGA!


I know, you’re probably thinking it’s a hippy-dippy remedy, something that doesn’t have a place in your “serious” business, but you’d be wrong.


Yoga and stress


Yoga, in its most basic form, teaches us to strengthen, cleanse, and relax the body, relax the mind, and develop a connection between the two. We also work with Pranayama, which involves breathing techniques that have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. These techniques also facilitate the release of the emotional energy that can come along with working in a high-pressured environment.


Yoga and focus


A recent study by the University of Illinois shows that those who participate in just 20 minutes of yoga are “better able to focus their mental resources, process information quickly, more accurately and also learn, hold and update pieces of information”.


 In essence, this means that those who take part in a regular yoga practice a more able to switch off from distractions and stay on task.


I encourage you to read the full paper if you’d like to learn more about the acute effects of yoga on executive function. 


Yoga and productivity


If you feel physically and emotionally “well”, you are more likely to become engaged in different activities. Your creativity will be in full flow. You will get your work done efficiently and to a much higher standard.


The various yogic principles learned through regular practice are what allow you to feel much better in the first place, subsequently triggering your increased productivity.


Yoga and your workforce


Adding a yoga offering to your workplace can make all the difference to your staff and how they operate.


  • They will feel taken care of, in a more profound way than that you “just” pay them.
  • They will feel supported and nurtured on a physical and spiritual level.
  • They will be pulled back from feeling burned out, stressed or worse.
  • They will have an increased sense of company loyalty, connectivity and job satisfaction.


If you’re interested in seeing how yoga could work in your place of business, click here to book a no-strings-attached call.