Today while in  a meeting I expressed what I think many of us are feeling. When the teaching portion of my day is over I often wonder which of the zillion other projects I am working on should occupy the remainder of my time. Work on recipes for my cookbook? Prepare for my next retreat? Add to my blog? Ditch the work and go out surfing? 🙂

While my friends and I were discussing the challenge of time management one of them wisely said, “I would recommend the surfing over the other things”. I was pleasantly surprised. She added, “Think about when your A-HA moments occur. Not when you are operating in frantic mode, but when you are out on the ocean, taking a walk, or sipping tea”. The observation hit me like a ton of bricks, ironically producing my own A-HA moment. It reminded me that most powerful moments in our lives happen during non-doing.