Buenos Dias from the land of South Beach, Florida. I am happy to announce that I am here as nothing more than a yoga student. No teaching, no planning, just learning. Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann have been my teachers since Sunday…..and all I can say is WOW! 

It is so humbling to be in the presence of such wise, knowledgeable, and compassionate teachers. Not to mention relatable. Practicing 2nd series in a room with strong energy and super strong teachers has encouraged me to face my demons head on. Without a doubt, Kino and Tim can sense when my demons are approaching. At the precise moment when I want to retreat from the challenge one of them appears on my mat and supports me when I don’t think my mind can carry me through. With their encouragement I somehow come out the other side, proud of myself for digging up the courage to even try. If we were able to do this ourselves all the time we would not need teachers. I am grateful to have found 2 amazing ones this week. 
Of course the hot, sunny weather and swimming in the salt water don’t hurt either! I am truly grateful to have the time to process all that I am learning before running off to the next thing on my to-do list.
Above are photos of Kino and Tim adjusting at their studio, Miami Life Center, which they own with Greg Nardi, an amazing Ashtanga teacher in his own right. All levels are welcome, as they view their center as a spiritual home for all people.