I am settling into life in India well and getting a handle on what I want my stay to be like. In addition to practice at the Yoga Shala and chanting lessons with Dr. Jayashree (which I begin tomorrow) the rest will just appear at the right time. Needless to say it has already started! I brought a huge stack of books with me and for some reason I opened up Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman. In the words of my dear friend, April, “it is spiritually juicy”. I am not sure what I was looking for to take me super deep into awareness but this book is definitely it and I firmly believe I am reading it now for a reason.

This is one of the reasons why I find my time in India to be so powerful. All those books, tools, and techniques that can reunite us with our higher self -the same tools and tricks we sweep under the rug at home because we are too busy- can be used, absorbed, and integrated into our daily existence. Too often I have heard people say that after their early morning practice in Mysore they don’t know what to do all day (this sometimes heard firsthand, sometimes from hearsay). I can only say that if you choose to do nothing then that is what you will get. While it is important to allow others to teach us we must remember that we are our own built in Guru and, unlike other teachers, are with ourselves all the time and can use every moment as a teaching or as ignorance. Just as life at home is what we make of it, so is life in India. If we are waiting for lightning to strike to get us off our butt and change then we are going to be waiting a VERY long time. Why waste the NOW waiting for the right teacher, class, practice, etc? Why will the universe send us these perfect things if it sees we aren’t appreciative for what we have already?

To quote another friend, Angelique, “Flow…but do”.