Has it really been almost a month since I have blogged? Shame on me!

Actually, it was quasi-intentional. After returning from India June 1st I was feeling the “post vacation guilt”. I proceeded to work myself into a frenzy. This is not difficult to do when you LOVE your job, LOVE your clients, and get excited about going to work every day. However, after the fun and fabulous Summer Retreat in July I realized that the summer was quickly passing me by. What’s the point of becoming successful in your career if you start missing out on everything else?
Action had to be taken. I declared August “have fun month” and I am proud to say that I took it very seriously. I worked, but not quite as much. I slowed the pace of my days considerably. I visited family and friends at the beach. Any work or personal chores that were not urgent were filed into my “post labor day to do list”. I am happy to say they have remained there until today, and I have begun checking them off without returning to frenzy mode. I found joy in saying no to appointments that I didn’t feel like making. If I client cancelled I took it as a blessing and went out to play, rather than spend my time counting the money I didn’t make. Have Fun Month transformed into a month of reclaiming control over my schedule and life. I am reminded that there is power in having boundaries, saying no and keeping time for yourself. Money, success, and career are important……I feel they should even be enjoyable. But not at the expense of mental health or quality time. 
The challenge for me now is to find balance as the busy season approaches. Slow down when needed, speed up when wanted, and continue to be present. I’m sure many of you can relate, so don’t be afraid to comment!
This picture is of me, Ben, and a beach bonfire in Montauk over labor day weekend. The culmination of Have Fun Month!