Cord Cutting Meditation

How To Use This Material

This cord cutting meditation is not as scary as it sounds. It also yields incredible results.

 What is cord cutting, anyway? It’s a chance to untangle your energy from a person, relationship, or career that no longer serves you. When something is holding you back needs you must release it with love in order to take the next step in your own growth.

 Please note this isn’t about sending negative energy toward anyone. That’s not why we are here. Cord cutting is an exercise done from a place of love in order to bring you AND this other person peace. After all, you can’t truly leave something behind if you’re still holding onto it through anger or sadness. Only from a place of love can you truly release and let go.

 Still nervous? I totally get it. You might be tempted to skip this meditation, but I am going to encourage you to do it anyway. 


 Because you can’t move forward to the next phase of growth you want to create for yourself if you’re still hanging onto the past via victimhood, anger, or resentment. The bottom line: if you think you’ve already done your forgiveness work, it’s time to forgive some more. 

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