I’m back in Long Island, folks. I have adjusted my body clock and I am back to teaching. There will be some schedule tweaking in the next few weeks, so please check my website here and there for the rest of June.

India was a huge transformation. Beyond. It completely blew my mind, even more than my previous trips. I have become a human sponge apparently, as I absorbed and integrated more than I thought possible. I hope I have returned a better teacher, student, and person. 
As far as life at home, I must admit it took a few days to adjust. Luckily I have so much love in my life. Not to mention a very patient husband who didn’t panic when the jet lag made me mentally ill. Aside from that, I am easing into work this week and getting my schedule back to snuff. I got my organic co-op veggies yesterday and supplemented with a trip to Makinajian’s Farm (these people know and love food), which made me happy….I am a chef at heart. My next venture just might be a cook book! For healthy, organic eaters, of course. Anyhow, I am reconnecting with my favorite people and my fantastic students. I feel light and open and I know the universe has a great plan for me now that I am putting down my roots at home. 
The nutrition blogs will begin again now that I am back in action!