In addition to being a student of Yoga and sanskrit in India I have begun something I TRULY wanted to do for a long time….give back. Yesterday I taught my first arts and crafts class to the children of Operation Shanti, an organization which supports children in Mysore and gets them off the streets, out of the slums, and into a clean home and school.

Upon arrival I was bowled over with hugs and smiles, from kids whom I had never met. The joy of sharing such simple things (time and energy) was beyond well received. Simply making paper fans inspired such joy in these little angles. I’d might as well have given them buried treasure! Instantly it became clear why I am here for 3 months this trip. I am learning yoga in a new, different way. These children, whom have lived through things I can’t even imagine, have taught me how to open my heart. I will be eternally grateful.

You CAN help! Visit to contribute however you are able. I can assure you that even the smallest aid brings the biggest smiles.