Well folks, in the midst of my nutrition blogs I seem to have developed a stomach issue. Don’t fret, I am not sick. I think between it being 90-100 degrees here everyday my tummy was just more sensitive than usual to the different oils, spices, and produce. At the peak of it I was exhausted (2 hour savasanas were being taken), bloated, and a tad “overactive” in the digestive department. Not fun. Luckily, Madhu, the best Ayurvedic doc, said to just have fruit only for a few days and all will be fine. I took his advice, along with this icky herbal potion he gave me to drink, and voila! I was cured within 12 hours. I have my energy back and feel like myself again. I am still sticking to mostly fruit, rice, and some very plain (aka boring) vegetables with no seasoning. But I feel great and my yoga practice is top notch again. More than anything else it taught me to be patient as nothing is permanent.

So I had to take a brief break from the nutrition blogs….wasn’t really in the mood to write about food during the boring fruit only days. But the fun stuff will resume tomorrow. I honestly can’t complain. Many people here get major food related sickness and mine could just be considered an annoyance. I keep hearing my Mom, Anne The Nurse, in the back of my mind saying, “Wash your hands, take your vitamins, and drink lots of fluids”. She’s right, of course.