What You Didn't Learn in Yoga Teacher Training

Let’s just say it: our industry is broken.

In 2017 the yoga industry raked in $80 billion globally, $16 billion in the US alone. I became fired up when I heard this. If yoga is so profitable, why are yoga studios closing left and right? Why are yoga teachers paid so poorly and struggling to support themselves?

Let me break it down for you.

It starts with yoga teacher training. Trainees learn about asana. If it’s a solid training they’ll study the yoga sutra. It’s an important foundation.

What Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) students DON’T learn in their training is how to run a business.

Almost every yoga teacher I’ve mentored has no clue how to make teaching yoga their full-time business, much less be profitable, save for retirement, pay taxes properly, or own their value as a healing professional.

You have a choice. You can continue treating teaching like an expensive hobby or start owning the fact that you’re a healing professional who uses the ancient science of yoga (or reiki, bodywork, etc) to transform lives.

I’ve you’ve ever thought, “yoga teaching will never bring me my bread and butter,” I invite you to consider that it IS possible, but not if you wait for some far off time in the future to create it. When was the last time you took yourself on a vacation? Have you paid off your debt? Are your taxes paid on time and in full? Maybe your spouse pays them for you, which is great. But if he/she weren’t around tomorrow, could you stand on your own? Feeling lost is the reality that many yoga teachers live in, and it’s NOT okay.

If you think spreading yourself thin teaching classes at several different studios equates to being recession proof, tax proof, and running a RESILIENT business, you’re wrong. Teaching in studios is not a business model.

How do I know? Two of the biggest yoga studios in the US closed down in March of 2019. They were home to some of the most prolific teachers in the world. Digest that for a minute.

Gone are the days where yoga teachers were a rare breed. Teaching yoga is the new black because it’s how studios make money. I have watched brand new practitioners be sold into 200 hour trainings before they had 3 classes under their belt. Yes, I’m serious.

If you refuse to teach a studio class for $20, it doesn’t matter. There’s always a new, hungry teacher, fresh out of teacher training, who will take on that class for no money.

And there you are, left with a huge amount of talent and no idea how to advocate for yourself, no idea how to own your value or be paid what you’re really worth. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s NOT working anymore. Teachers aren’t being compensated, so the good ones are quitting or burning themselves out with a side hustle.

What about the, “I don’t need to make money for this, I’m just doing it as a good deed” yoga people?  I’m all for being philanthropic, but true generosity comes from abundance. The more we have (time, energy, money) the more we can give. True generosity is NOT the same as teaching for a pittance.

So who is this industry really serving? The students aren’t getting results because no commitment is required and the “cheaper by the dozen” mentality isn’t serving teachers. More studios are closing than opening. Who is really winning? This whole industry is stuck in a rut.

But YOU don’t have to be.

You also don’t have to own a studio or live out of a suitcase to be successful.

You know you’re smart and talented. You know what you’re earning right now does not match up with the life-changing tools you bring to your students.

I’m here to call you up into something bigger.

Plain and simple, yoga healed me and supported me through some of the most difficult transitions of my life. Yoga has transformed me, and I am called to pass on this knowledge in a completely immersive, supportive way. THIS is why I teach. It’s my deepest passion and I know you share this with me. You heal others because it’s your dharma, your calling, AND you can create wealth for yourself and others. These things are not mutually exclusive.

I’m also here to shout that there’s no point in being part of an industry that’s broken. SO STOP TRYING TO FIT IN.

How do you learn to forge your own way with equal parts ancient wisdom and modern world business chops?

By immersing yourself in it, just like you did in your 200 hour training.

It’s time for a change. In my new 16 week program, What You Didn’t Learn In Yoga Teacher Training, you’re going to learn how to run a yoga or healing based business that’s profitable, makes a bigger impact, and furthers your life’s purpose. You’re going to learn how to work with ONLY the right people who value you.

What else?

You’re going to learn how to be a top notch money manager. The more you have, the more generous you can be.

You’re going to learn business strategy. Not just woo-woo goal setting, but creating REAL action plans to achieve your goals while making an impact. The result? You have clarity. You know what you’re selling, how to price it, who your ideal client is and how to market to them without being sleazy, AND how to track your progress along the way. No more tossing wet noodles at the wall and seeing what sticks.

You’re going to learn how to give your students tangible results by providing them with appropriate programs to meet their needs. You’ll walk away knowing how structure online courses, one-on-one lessons, and retreats. You’ll be ready to SELL THEM consistently and at a price which allows you to thrive.

You’re going to learn that “likes” do not equate to revenue, and how to discern which forms of social media actually support you. No more time wasted down that rabbit hole.

Most importantly, you’re going to be fully supported as you become an even stronger yoga teacher AND business person. You CAN be both. Imposter syndrome? Fears? Boundary issues? No problem. You’ve got this and I’ve got you.

We’re going to dive into all of this together. It’s going to be juicy. It’s going to be triggering, but you’re ready to grow. I believe in you.

You don’t need to be part of something that’s broken anymore. It’s time to take the industry that raised you and walk it into the future.

Here’s how we do it:

What You Didn’t Learn In Yoga Teacher Training:

A 16 week program with Sara Intonato

-1 webinar training per week (replays available for those who can’t tune in live)

-Worksheets with action steps for each lesson to ensure implementation

-A private facebook group for support. Share your wins, receive personalized help through challenges, and feel how your growth is catapulted when you stop feeling isolated.

That’s not all! Because….presents!
As a bonus, all students will receive access to my full library of yoga sutra webinars, 20+ lessons diving into ancient, authentic wisdom for the modern world ($2,000 value).

Why me? I’ve been a yoga teacher for 16 years, I have walked in your shoes. My background in marketing and organizational behavior gave me the smarts to stop chasing more yoga certificates and instead make SMART investments in my business. Like what? A business and leadership coach, money mindset trainings, and beyond. Only after I did this in 2016 did I crack the 6 figure ceiling, step out of struggle mode, and begin to thrive. I make annual trips to immerse myself at the source of yoga. I am passionate about showing brilliant yoga teachers how to build profitable businesses without diminishing the authenticity of their craft.

If I can be a successful yoga teacher without selling out, so can you.

Space is limited to ensure personal attention. Yoga teachers, studio owners, and other healing professionals will be part of this vetted group. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, 25 or 65 years old, a new teacher or 20 year veteran. What DOES matter is your mindset. I am only receiving students who are being called into their bigger vision and ready to take the next step of making their goals a reality. Don’t wait and miss this amazing opportunity.

I take my role as group creator quite seriously. All my groups are no whining zones.

You’re receiving this invitation because I know you’re talented, intelligent, and primed for growth.

Click the link below to submit an application.

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