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Hi, I’m Sara Intinato, thank you so much for joining on today’s very important podcast episode. Today we’re diving into mindset, specifically the mindset around a profitable and successful Yoga teacher or healing professional. And the reason this is so important is because you can invest in books and coaches and course and all the things to bring you success, however if all the while deep in the back corners of your mind you’re thinking, “This isn’t really going to work, I can’t be successful,” well then guess what? No strategy will work.

I also feel the opposite is true. If you are invested in what you’re doing and your mindset is focused intently on the outcome you want to receive, then many strategies will work. So, let’s dive into this today, specifically around five core belief shifts you need to make as a healing professional in order to up level your business to your next level of success. Let’s dive in.

The first core believe shift to make is you win, you learn some.

Meaning you cannot be afraid to fail. And I completely understand why people are, especially service providers who run their own businesses, because you are the service. You’re what you’re selling. And when something doesn’t go well, it’s very easy to take that failure on your own shoulders and feel like it’s because you’re not good enough, or you don’t have enough skill or expertise. And sometimes it can really paralyze you and prevent you from moving forward and shaking off whatever didn’t work.

You’ve got to switch this up in your mind and reframe it to a learning experience. Here’s why. Failure is normal, it’s normal. It’s a normal part of every single successful business in the world. Every entrepreneur has failed, usually multiple times. Tesla just reported a Q1 loss of $700 million. $700 million. Failure happens, even to big, successful companies. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple before he became hugely successful.

So, nobody is exempt from failing. I would actually say if you’re not failing at all and you haven’t had any blips yet, you’re probably not putting yourself out there enough. So, check in with yourself. When something doesn’t go well, when your retreat doesn’t sell, when a client balks at your new prices, look within yourself, take a deep breath and remember that this is a learning experience. This, “Failure,” is teaching you something crucial that you will need to know going forward in your business. So, think of it as a right of passage, something every business owner has to understand and learn from if they want to move forward because that’s exactly what it is. So, the next time something trips you up, don’t let it paralyze you from moving forward.

The second core belief to shift, to up-level your business, is that self-care makes you money.

Too often Yoga teachers especially, but all healing professionals, get so caught up in having a busy client schedule, delivering their offerings, that they let their own practice slide. I take on Yoga teachers as clients and mentor them in their business, and I believe 70% of them come to me with a problem that they think is business related, and what we end up doing to solve that problem is diving into their practice. Why? It shows up as imposter syndrome, they feel unqualified. It shows up as feeling inauthentic, like they can’t really charge the prices they want, or hold the event that they want because they’re not walking the walk. It doesn’t feel real, it feels like they’re faking it.
And this can really mess with your mojo. So, whenever you’re rolling your mat out and you have guilt about it and you feel like you should be doing the doing in your business instead, I want you to pause and remind yourself that self-care makes you money. How? Well, people hire me because they know I do my practice every day. They know I’ve been to India 10 times. They know that I can lead them through pretty much any obstacle they’re facing in their life because I’ve practiced through all the obstacles in my life. I don’t take breaks from practice. I don’t ignore these higher spiritual needs on days that feel busy.

So, if that’s been a tipping point for you, make sure that you’re blocking your practice into your calendar. If you’re a massage therapist for example, when was the last time you had a massage? Get your body work done. If you want to be able to relate to your clients, you have to have to skin in the game. There is no substitute for you leading by example, energetically it creates a shift, your students or clients feel it. And it makes them want to follow you more. Just like they feel like you’re burnt out, or tired, or just not in a position to lead them when you’re neglecting this.

Core belief shift number three, boundaries are your friend.

Any store that you frequent has hours they’re open, hours they’re closed. They have prices they charge, they have salaries they pay, and typically they don’t negotiate if you walk in and say, “Hey, I want this thing for 20% less than you’re selling it for.” The occasional flea market, sure, but in most cases, no. If you wanted to book a facial and the spa you go to is closing at six o’clock and you said, “Hey, can you stay open for me until seven o’clock?” They would probably say no. And you know what, it’s fine. You would then conform to their hours and book your appointment at another time.

So, why do you feel the need to adjust your boundaries for your clients? First, you have to decide what your boundaries are. You need to know when your zone of genius work hours are, and when you need to shut down. You need to know what your fee is, and not compromise. Just because somebody asks you to go outside of our boundaries for them does not mean you need to say yes. And the reason you are saying yes is probably because you’re afraid of being liked.

I get it, we were all taught to be nice, especially women. However, here’s why you’ve got to change that. If you compromise on your boundaries, it’s only a matter of time until your own life starts to get affected. Your sleep, your self-care, your practice, your family time. All those things you require to feel good and rejuvenated, and ready to give of yourself the next day at work. If you compromise this and you show up to work burnt out, cranky, resentful of your students because they’re indulging their own need for rejuvenation and you’re not. Well, guess what? They’re going to feel that energy and it’s repelling. They’re not going to want to hire you.

So, you have to decide, every time you uphold a boundary, that you’re upholding it not just for your health, but for the health of your clients as well. They deserve to have you show up as your best version of yourself. That’s why they’re hiring you. That’s why they’re paying you. And if you’re raising your prices, you better be damn sure that you’re showing up ready to serve. So, every time you feel the need to give in and compromise on your boundary, remind yourself that this is not just a self-indulgence, you’re doing this in honor of your clients too. They deserve the highest, strongest, the most present version of you.

Core belief number four, stay in your own lane.

This can be really hard to do when another Yoga teacher or healing practitioner in your area, especially somebody who you don’t particular like, decides they’re going to do a retreat at the same venue yours in, the same month, and market it to the same clientele. Your ego is going to flare up and want to nit pick everything that they’re doing, question what you’re doing, and make this a real mess. What you need to do is put your blinders on, ignore what that other person is offering, and stay in your own lane. If you can focus on what you’re doing and pour yourself into it to the point where you’re fully confident in your offering, you don’t question your quality, you are committed and confident that it’s a fantastic part of your business, it will attract people.

I see healing professionals all the time, especially with the advent of social media, getting sucked into their industry norms. Instead of creating their own new content, they compare their ideas to everyone else on the internet. And often get scared and don’t put anything out there at all.

This is a huge waste of energy. Comparisonitis is real, and it’s a drain on yourself, your business, and eventually your finances. So, ignore it. If people trigger you, unfollow them on social media. If you find that someone stirs up jealousy within you, that’s a great opportunity for you to see what’s beneath that. Maybe you don’t feel worthy and you think this person has it together more than you do. But notice it and look at it, so that you can release it and move on with your life and your business. I know staying in your own lane can be very difficult, but trust me, this is a key point in your business.

When someone says, “Hey, aren’t you scared that Yoga school down the street just turned out 40 people in their new teacher training? Aren’t you scared they’re going to take your clients? Aren’t there people out there now who are hungry for classes? And what if they take yours away?2 you’re just going to smile and nod, put your blinders on, and maybe even some earplugs in, and stay in your own lane. Double down on your own practice, double down on running a smart business, delivering to your clients with 120% of your being. And you won’t have to worry about that stuff.

When people say things like that to me, “Hey, you have a retreat in Tuscany this summer, Sara, did you know so and so’s doing one in the same area?” Guess what, I don’t care. And I know it takes work to get to that place of not caring, and you’re up for doing the work, so just keep practicing, noticing when you get triggered, letting it go, staying in your own lane.

And the last mindset shift to make to step into your next level of success, is to remind yourself you are not just a Yoga teacher, or massage therapist, or Reiki practitioner, et cetera. You’re a business owner.

A business owner focuses on the bigger vision of the business. They don’t get so caught up in delivering all the time that they never step back. Running a business takes strategy, it takes resilience. And if you’re always doing the doing, you’re not going to have a chance to step out and prepare yourself for bigger things that you want to create.

A new level of impact that you want to be part of. So, don’t hesitate to check in with that and remind yourself that you’re not just a rigmarole healing practitioner, you are next level, and you’re a professional. Start acting like it. Start talking like it. Maybe even put it in your email signature so that other people see it too. And remind yourself that you’re worthy of having a big, beautiful business and life.

If today’s conversation touches a nerve with you, it means we’re onto something, and this is worth exploring deeper. I’m here to help you with this. So, I have some action steps for you to get the most out of your journey.

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