When: Saturday 11/8/08 12:30-6:30pm

Cost: $100 (includes workshop and hand outs)
The ability to adjust others and to adjust yourself comes from a two-fold understanding. While knowledge and technique are important, so is the ability to read the physical and energetic signals of the individual you are teaching. Great adjustments used incorrectly for someone’s ability, body type, or even mental and emotional state become worthless or even detrimental. On the contrary, a small but perfectly applied adjustment can allow the practitioner to transcend boundaries they didn’t even know existed. In this workshop we will:
  • Learn adjustments for several important asana, including standing and floor poses
  • How to apply these adjustments for your own practice in addition to students of all abilities
  • Learn to “read” yourself and your students’ bodies and energies, in order to determine the best way to adjust
  • Deepen your understanding of human anatomy and how it is affected by yoga, emotions, and touch
This workshop is open to both practitioners and teachers, as the learning takes place from both angles.
Please contact me directly to register: [email protected] or 516-521-7545