Ah yes, I too have fallen victim to a springtime cold. Never a fun thing. For those of you who refuse to be held captive in the house for days (like me), have no fear. After many years and many dollars spent on various holistic remedies I have finally found something that works. At the first onset of symptoms (usually a sore throat is first for me) I take Quantum Super Immune Formula. Works like a charm! Do mix it with juice or water as it tastes and smells quite nasty. It is worth it though.

Of course there are no magic tricks to make a cold go POOF and vanish into thin air. But Quantum combined with vitamin C, ginger tea, acupuncture, tons of sleep, and staying ultra hydrated make these bugs run their course much faster. I first felt symptoms around 5am on Sunday and the worst is definitely over. Hopefully by Tuesday morning I will be 100%. 
I also took most of the day off (sorry students). Louise Hay says that Colds and Flus are your “emotional self trying to slow you down when you have been going too fast”. Seems true to me. So stop fighting to be your normal self when you just aren’t. Surrender. One day of rest will do wonders and prevent you from having that cold for 10 days instead of the 2 or 3 it needs to go from start to finish. 
Health Food stores carry the Quantum line, as does Whole Foods and online channels. 
You will feel better soon. Hopefully I will too!