People, namely nutritionists and western medicine “experts”, are always yapping about counting calories and the percentage of which should be from fat, carbs, proteins, etc. What they do not talk about are the REAL sources of those calories. They fixate so much on the numbers that they forget to investigate what is in their food. It is so simple yet often ignored. Would 500 calories of freshly juiced veggies have the same affect on your body as 500 calories of white bread? I don’t think so.

I must admit, I do not have FDA approved studies to support this. But I do have my own body, one which I NEVER thought would change. I would show you before and after photos but I have intentionally disposed of most “before” shots 😉 After almost 5 years of being a vegetarian, 7 years of yoga, and countless hours of consciously observing how various foods (not to mention sleep habits, daily scheduling, and stress) impact my entire being I feel that I am at my optimal health, strength, endurance, and energy levels. Did I mention I am down 25+ pounds (from 4 years ago)??? 
Bottom line: we need to eat clean. There is a reason for all these various food movements that are returning us to local, organic, grass fed, vegetarian, and even raw foods. They have so much prana, as we mentioned in the last nutrition post, that our body uses them quickly and efficiently. The result is becoming a well oiled Yoga machine. Or surfing machine, or Super Mom machine. When we eat foods that weigh our digestive system down, like dairy, preservatives, and white products, it is no wonder we feel heavy and sluggish. There is no energy in them, so how can we expect to feel energized? 
The problem is that so many diets focus on the numbers. Did the Atkins diet (which I admit to trying when I was a carnivore many years ago) promote organics, local and live produce, and natural eating? Not if I remember correctly. While trying to lose weight I remember drinking diet soda every day. No wonder I felt bloated. My body had no idea where to put those chemicals, so it held onto them. To remedy this calorie counting ruse we must become accountable eaters. Know where every piece of food you eat comes from, whether it is strawberries from the next county, young coconuts from Thailand, or factory farms in California. If you can’t trace it back to the earth, don’t even bother eating it. Unless you want to feel sluggish again. You will become less focused on calories and more tuned in to what your body actually craves for its peak functionality. I guarantee that if you need to lose weight, you will. 
One way to start? Read ingredients rather than “nutrition facts”. If you can’t identify its source, return it to the shelf.