I wasn’t planning on blogging today but a random monsoon hit so I am stuck at the internet cafe until further notice. ANYHOW…..if you have read the two previous blogs you might be wondering, “if it isn’t good to eat in the morning and it isn’t good to eat at night, when IS it good to eat for goodness sake”?????

The good news is that between 10am and 5pm it is in your benefit to chow down! Your digestive fires are burning and your body is craving nourishment. Typically I have one of two eating strategies depending on my schedule that day. First, I have a large meal around 11am and a smaller one between 3-4pm. Second, I have a monster meal around 2pm and that is it for the day. I usually do fresh juicing at home in the morning and drink herbal tea at night.

Since doing yoga and changing my lifestyle I have become aware that I am not hungry for 3 meals per day and was just eating them because American guidelines say you should have the 3 squares (and we know how the American diet has turned out). If we go back to the breakfast issues in part one of these posts it reminds us that 2 meals per day is sufficient.

Worried about not feeling full enough? Try these tips:
-Drink 2 glasses of water before you start eating
-Don’t rush while eating or eat while doing other things.
-Do whatever you need to do to feel satisfied, whether it be ending your meal with a piece of dark chocolate or an extra helping of rice. At the end of a meal you shouldn’t WANT to continue eating.
-Don’t eat with the intention of “saving room for later”. You won’t feel satisfied and will end up grazing all day (this will be addressed in the next post).
-Siesta was invented for a reason! If you lay on your left side for 10 minutes after your meal and close your eyes you will work wonders! Laying this way promotes digestion due to the nature of the stomach. After 10 minutes your energy will rise because you took the time to assimilate your nutrients.
-Have a small coffee, chai, or espresso (SMALL being the keyword). The little bit of caffeine will help digest.

Enjoy your food. It isn’t just meant for fuel but to be a sensory experience as well.