The Bhagavad Gita discusses Karma Yoga, the yoga of action. In order to elevate our own consciousness we must ACT on behalf of others. Without this crucial aspect of yoga our efforts would be self-centered. Karma Yoga is what enables us to take the beauty that yoga and life give us and pass them on. Below is what I feel to be a very touching case of Karma Yoga.

My sister, Natalie, is an advocate for the Jimmy Fund, a Boston based non-profit organization that helps people of all ages in the fight against cancer, not to mention their contributions to cancer research. This year Natalie is preparing for her 3rd annual Jimmy Fund Walk which takes the same route as the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon. Walking that far sounds pretty grueling, so I was not surprised when Nat mentioned that during last year’s walk she became “cranky” around the 18 mile mark. Just as she started to unravel she walked past the mile marker’s water station. A female cancer survivor, still without hair due to chemotherapy, handed her water, shook her hand, and personally thanked Natalie for walking to help those fighting cancer. It was the most humbling moment of Natalie’s life. Suddenly the walk didn’t seem so difficult, and she went on to finish while befriending other cancer survivors (including children) who had been directly helped by the Jimmy Fund.
Sometimes the only way we can work through our own “junk” is by helping another bear their own burden. Only then do we realize how small our own burden really is.
Above are pictures of Nancy and Natalie (R) with Jesse, their team’s inspiration. Jesse has since lost her battle with cancer, but there are countless others who are still in need of healing energy. To join Natalie’s Team for the fight against cancer please click here. 
If you have a cause close to your own heart and would like to inspire others to action, please email [email protected]