Your Guide To Consistent, Clear Meditation


This 3 month program is the high achiever’s guide to a deeper and more consistent meditation practice.

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For years I’ve spoken intently to my clients about the power of a consistent meditation practice. Since you’ve likely already meditated occasionally (ahem, inconsistently), you know better than anyone how powerful this time for yourself can be. Especially because you’re a high performer with a busy life. The key to success is consistency.

Often, I have clients who are committed to their meditation practice when it’s easy to fit in, but struggle to stay consistent when they need it most, aka, when life isn’t going so smoothly. That’s why I put together this program.

During our 3 months together we’ll focus on building the habits of daily practice into your life and routine with the same amount of thought it takes to remember to shower or brush your teeth. Meditation will become an essential and non-negotiable part of your day. Not because every day you’ll spend 30 minutes in the perfect position, but because every day you’ll find the time you need to check in with yourself and be present to what’s inside.

This program was created to give you more joy, more productivity, and help you be more present for your family, and yourself.


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