Each Tuesday I meet with an intimate group of colleagues to chant the Yoga Sutras. Today our Sutra analysis turned into an animated discussion of the economy, politics, astrology (we are in mercury retrograde right now, which presents communication obstacles), and the challenges our world is facing today. Add the media into the mix and the drama escalates even more. Of course most of us are affected in some way by all of this, the most basic level being our earth and environment.

We can’t force the stock market back up, nor can we force people to vote for our own presidential preference (ahem, Obama). Freedom comes when we realize that being a control freak is a waste of time, because the universe is not ours to micromanage. HOWEVER, there are a few things we can control.
  • We can choose to take this one breath in this moment. 
  • We can choose to be peaceful in our interactions with the earth and all beings.
  • We can choose to think of the global impact of our decisions instead of solely our own benefit.
  • We can choose to lead by example instead of judging others’ choices.
  • We can choose to have faith in our path, even if it isn’t mainstream.
  • We can choose to do the least harm possible in this moment.
  • We can choose to send love, compassion, and peace to all beings, especially to those we find cruel and hurtful. They need it most.
  • We can choose to trust that THE UNIVERSE IS NEVER WRONG! Have faith, all these challenges will pass in time.