My dream of writing my own cook book is coming true as we speak! I am in the process of writing and editing. While my passion for Yoga will always be in the top spot my passion for food is a close second. I practically get high when a meal I’ve created receives rave reviews, and over the years my recipes (which usually start as experiments) have gotten many. It is time to share them with the world! It is exciting knowing that I will be able to help others’ change their lives in a different way. 

As I prepare for this new venture I am magnetizing all forms of assistance from the universe. If you work in publishing, know someone who does, are an editor, or know any way in which you can encourage momentum on this project then please email or call anytime. Food is a crucial part of our lives as Yoga practitioners and this book is going to provide a much needed link between these two vital elements. I thank you in advance for your support and energy. You will see the final product of all those good vibes very soon!