Hey there, everyone. Today, we are talking about the three biggest assumptions people make when struggling with their meditation practice, and more specifically, why these assumptions must be kicked to the curb in order for you to stay on course. The more time we spend ruminating on these assumptions, the bigger they seem. How many times have you worried about having a tough conversation, for example, only to find that facing it was a lot easier than the time you spent worrying about it? The same is true here.

So, let’s get rid of these assumptions right now. There’s no need for them to become hangups on your path to success.

Assumption 1:

People assume meditation should be easy. It looks so simple, right? If you see somebody meditating, it looks like they’re simply SITTING DOWN. Nothing earth shattering. Yet if you’ve tried it, you know it can feel quite challenging. Your mind is very busy.  Making time in your day can feel like a challenge. Here’s the hang up: Because it looks easy on the outside, people ASSUME it should be easy to do. When they hit an obstacle, they don’t ask for help. They feel shame around seeking support for something which should be so simple (yup, the SHOULDs show up here and they are nasty). This is a crucial mistake.

Just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is, in fact, easy. By not seeking the resources you need to overcome bumps in the road, you’re stopping yourself from having longevity in your meditation practice. You’re assuming you shouldn’t need help, or that there’s shame in asking for help, and there isn’t. So, right now I’m asking you to release your expectations around meditation being simple/easy.  If you decide you’re going to take it one day at a time, commit to putting the tools you need in place to prevent yourself from falling off the wagon, you will set yourself up for success.

Use my audio if you feel stuck. Contact me if you have gone off the rails and need a system to get back on. I hereby sign your permission slip so you no longer have to go it alone.

Assumption 2:

It happened. You fell off the wagon.

Guess what? You’re human and it’s ok. Here’s the dangerous part: You assume you can’t get back on because it has been too long.

I recently guided a student through meditation, and as we were finishing, her husband said to her, “Hey, you used to meditate every day, and then you stopped. What happened?” Her response: “I don’t know. I loved it.”

I’ll tell you what happened. LIFE happened. Unexpected demands, stress, and even joyful chaos gets in the way. This is why we need someone to help us back onto the wagon.

If my student and I had known each other then, she would have been able to call me and say, “Hey, my practice  feels hard. What can I do to support myself around this?”

Instead, 10 years passed.

The more time goes by, the more stories people tell themselves about their ability to do something successfully.  

It’s been too long.”

“I’m too far gone.”

“I can’t progress anymore.”

“It’s too late.”

Don’t believe me? Think about what someone does when they’re on a diet.

They do quite well for a period of time. Then one day, they make a poor choice. Instead of just getting right back on the wagon at the next meal, they say, “Oh, well the whole day is blown. I’ll make the rest of the day a cheat day”. Then the next morning, they wake up and they say, “Oh, you know what? Yesterday was a real mess. This whole week is a bust, I’ll get back to the program on Monday,”. What if, instead, they treated each moment like the opportunity for a new beginning, which it is?

You don’t have to wait 10 years. If you notice that you’re falling off the wagon, there is no such thing as too long. Whether your meditation practice has been a struggle for a day or a decade, know that you can choose to get begin again at any time. Just like meditation teaches us, every breath is the opportunity to start again, and we can embody that mindset around our daily habits and our spiritual practices.

Assumption 3:

Getting back on the wagon will be hard.

If you were meditating for 60 minutes per day and then didn’t practice for 30 months, diving back into a big commitment WOULD feel hard!

What if you gave yourself permission to take a baby step instead? Instead of getting tangled in the all or nothing mentality, what if your first day back only required a 5 minute meditation?

People assume it will be too much time, too much energy, too much money, and just plain HARD.

As I mentioned under Assumption 1, the anticipation we create in our head is usually more of a challenge than actually dealing with the obstacle itself.

So take the pressure off and begin again in a way that feels EASY.

This is why I have created a free guided meditation for you to start today.

If you decide meditation is too much, if you decide that it’s too big of a commitment and you can’t make progress, you won’t! But if you decide that you’re willing to try, the world is your oyster. Seriously, making that decision is all it takes.

You can choose to get back into meditation at any time simply by taking a stand, letting yourself know you are worthy of receiving support, you’re worthy of investing in your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and I’m here to help you.

Click here to read more about Your Guide to Clear and Consistent Meditation. It’s an easy way to build strong, consistent habits around your spiritual practice. You’re not alone. You’ve got this and I’ve got you.