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Hello, and welcome. I’m Sara Intonato. Thank you so much for joining me today, and if you didn’t know this about me, I not only transform people’s lives through the healing science of yoga, which I’ve been doing for 16 years, but I also mentor yoga teachers and other healers in growing sustainable, profitable businesses. And what I’ve seen people come to me thinking is the problem in their business turns out to not really be the problem at all, and that’s what we’re diving into today.
Nine times out of 10 someone comes to me as a potential client and says “Sara, I really need some help in my finances. I need to make more money. I want to get out of this cycle of lack mentality that is being perpetuated in all the yoga studios I’m teaching in,” or in salons or spas or wherever the individuals work, “and I need your help.” So, as we start to dig a little bit deeper and take a look at what’s really going on in someone’s business, it turns out that the problem is their practice or lack thereof.

Here’s why. You cannot sell effectively if you don’t really believe in what you’re selling. You cannot make money as a yoga teacher if you’re not fully confident in your ability as a practitioner. How will you relate to your students? How can you encourage people to move through obstacles in being more consistent if you haven’t done that work yourself? So, none of those changes are possible. The more money, better marketing, more streamline schedule, et cetera, none of them are possible until my client cleans up their practice, and that’s what we spend a lot of time doing.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga teacher or not. Maybe you’re a massage therapist. When was the last time you got on the table and had someone work on you? Maybe you’re a counselor or therapist. When was the last time you were on the couch or talking it out with someone to support you? Because we all have highs and lows, we all need support. If you are trying to make a career out of something and you’ve lost your inspiration for practicing that craft yourself, it’s no wonder you’re running into a problem. And to be abundantly clear, that problem you’re running into is not money, it’s not lack of clients. It’s inauthenticity. You can’t charge what you really want to charge because you don’t feel in alignment with it. You feel like a fraud. You think, who am I to lead others when I’m not even showing up and doing this work?

So, what often happens when people get tricked up thinking the problem is something external is that they tie themselves up doing even more busy work thinking that’s how they’re going to fix it. And in becoming busier… You guessed it… They spend less time doing their self-care work or putting the energy into their own practice. That creates imposter syndrome. That creates lack of confidence and those are the biggest stumbling blocks, especially as somebody wants to go to the next step in their business.

Maybe you’re a yoga teacher and going from studio to studio has been okay, but you know in order to get to the level of wealth and enjoyment that you want, you’re going to have to launch an online course or start taking on more one-on-one clients at a higher price point. But then as you go to take those steps, there’s a little voice in your head saying “You’re not good enough. You’re not even showing up on your mat.” This is what has to be addressed first because it’s a vicious cycle. People start doing these healing arts as careers because they want to share what healed them in their own lives. It comes from a place of love. It comes from a place of passion, but in doing so, they stop being students. They stop receiving the work and it messes with their energy.

Bottom line: You have to be a student first. Spoiler alert: Buying more certificates will not help you do this. It’s a distraction. More and more pieces of paper claiming that you’re qualified, claiming that you put in hundreds of hours of study will not take away that niggling feeling you have when you feel like a fraud. All that will is showing up and doing the work for yourself, this has to come within you. Otherwise, you’re just distracting yourself from that not enoughness that you’re feeling within.

And, hey, if you’re struggling with this right now as you listen to this and you’re feeling triggered, I want you to know you’re not alone. Everyone struggles with this. This is why you need a mentor or a teacher or a guide to help support you when you fall down, because guess what? You’re going to fall down, just like your clients are going to fall down, and that’s why they hire you, to help them get back up when they fall. That’s why it’s safe for you to do the same thing and get the help you need and the support you need to get over these stumbling blocks. All of this work brings clarity, and when you feel fully clear and confident in who you are as a leader, nothing can stop you. The clients will resonate with you. You can raise your prices. You can walk the walk because you know it’s coming from an authentic place.