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Going Beneath the Surface

I recently appeared on the In Her Voice podcast with Kelly Covert - we discussed how to deepen your spiritual practices so you can begin to fully see yourself and allow yourself to be fully seen. Click below to listen:

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Three Big Assumptions Which Lead To Obstacles In Meditation

Hey there, everyone. Today, we are talking about the three biggest assumptions people make when struggling with their meditation practice, and more specifically, why these assumptions must be kicked to the curb in order for you to stay on course. The more time we...

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Five Reasons You Aren’t Meditating Consistently

In my 16 years of teaching yoga and meditation, I’ve seen my students have amazing breakthroughs. When we meditate, our lives are simply better, more organized, and happier. What's not to love about that?! Yet, even my most committed students hit obstacles along the...

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Cultivating Boundaries

  Today I want to talk abut one of my favorite topics - Boundaries. I often hear from students that they are too busy to practice as much, or for as long...

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So often in the self-help world people are so ready and eager to make a change in their lives that they want to just fast forward into that place of what's the next thing to do, how do I do it, how can I get there faster, etc. We can't make at least the appropriate...

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You Don’t Need Another Teacher Training

  Today we are blowing the lid off what is a very common trend in the yoga industry - the trend of people who already certified yoga teachers searching for another teacher training to do.  I've seen this come up and I've been asking them, "But why? Why do you...

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