Sara’s Audio Class Bundle


Sara's Audio Class Bundle Includes:

1 – Guided Full Primary Series Class
1 – Basic Pranayama Class
1 – Guided Meditation Class
2 – Yoga Philosophy Talks


– Here is how to access the files –

Return to the audio page and log in using the username and password you purchased with. Then simply click on the audio files to access them in one of two ways. The first way is to play them directly from your phone, using Wi-Fi or data. The second, and my recommendation is to log in from your computer and download the files to your iTunes. Make a play list, sync your phone, and then you have them forever, no wifi or data needed. Below is a list of the included audio files you can use to structure the order of your playlist.

Now you can take classes with Sara no matter where you are! You don’t need an app or even wifi. Once purchased, Sara’s audio classes can be added to your iTunes library and taken with you 24/7. Whether you practice alone and are craving motivation, or in need of a class while traveling, Sara’s steady guidance is now available with the push of a button.

Once purchased, you have lifetime access to these files and can download upgrades at no additional cost.


Files included with this purchase:

  • Opening mantra & Suryanamaskar
  • Standing asana
  • Pascimattanasana through Navasana
  • Bhujapidasana through Setu Bandhasana
  • Back Bending and Closing Asana
  • Pranayama Class
  • Meditation Class
  • Avoidance Discussion
  • Yoga Sutra Discussion




“Right now my practice is a lot of self practice and Sara’s audio led full primary is a life saver.  Every time I use it my practice is deeper, more intense, more focused, and my self adjustments have become better.  I constantly smile because Sara will give little reminders throughout the audio and every time it applies to exactly what I am doing.  If you can’t get to class this is really the best way to bring class to you.”

“I had no idea what a difference Sara’s instruction would make in my ability to commit to a daily yoga practice. I now practice Ashtanga yoga almost every day. The incredible thing is I crave my practice every day now thanks to this amazing gift.
– M.W.


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