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Living your truth

Satya is the concept of honesty or truthfulness in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Satya is part of Yamas, the first of eight limbs of yoga which are moral and ethical practices that we use to govern our interactions with others. The Yoga Sutras are powerful tools for...

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How to Maintain Your Yoga Practice as the Seasons Change

I love getting up early in summer, getting on my mat first thing. In the beautiful summer weather it’s easy to feel really bendy and sweaty and get that detoxification going. Yoga practice in summer, especially outside, makes you feel so light and strong...

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What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Inspiration

Let’s talk about how to overcome the loss of yoga inspiration… I’m a big believer that if you can make your yoga practice work for your real life, you’ll be able to practice for a lifetime. This is why I love to disrupt that whole conversation of “look at...

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What I Learned from Getting Back on the Surfboard

This summer I went surfing. For the first time in eight years. After spending so long away, I was terrified. I’d made every excuse not to go back in the water; It was too cold, Too rough, I didn’t want to go alone. I booked some lessons and then didn’t...

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Yoga isn’t always easy. We hit obstacles in our practice and struggle to get past them. To overcome these obstacles, it’s vital that we trust our teachers, something that is often overlooked in more casual yoga practice. That’s fine if you are just doing...

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